Your Words Have Power

Today Greg talks about the power our words can have on others.  They can bring great harm and hurt to others or they can bring comfort and love.  With the Holy Spirit, we can have power over our tongue.  With scriptural advice, Greg encourages us to choose our words.

Live to Forgive

Greg is joined by author and Sports Emmy Award for Outstanding Studio Show at ESPN.  He has since transitioned to Sports Spectrum, a magazine and podcast that connects sports and faith.  Jason shares what caused him to write his book, Live to Forgive and his encouragement toward others to enter their own messy journey of forgiveness.

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Jesus Take the Wheel

Greg wraps up his week continuing on the topic of how we perceive ourselves.  After driving a Mercedes for a week, Greg recognized some lessons to learn.  You will hear some encouragement about how to let go of allowing material things to be your identity.

How Do You Perceive Yourself?

Greg talks today about how we perceive ourselves.  Do you identify yourself by the clothes you wear or the car you drive?  Do you feel less of a person because you don’t have nice things?  Or do you feel more of a person because you do have more than others?  To God, it doesn’t matter.  He loves you either way.  He doesn’t care what kind of car you drive.  He only cares about what is in your heart. So, are you choosing your identity based on how you perceive yourself, how you think others perceive you, or how God perceives you? 

The 5 Stages of Grief and Loss

Greg wraps up his conversation with Amanda Speakes, counselor with Grief Recovery Care on the five stages of grief and loss. Did you know there are more to these stages and that they are not necessarily in the order presented?  

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The Impact of Unresolved Grief

Greg continues his conversation with Amanda Speakes on the topic of unresolved grief.  Grief affects more than a single person or the family.  Statistics show there are 13 million grievers annually due to death.  There are 2.6 million deaths per year in the United States with an average of 5 grievers per death.  There are 2.5 million grievers due to divorce and 15.6 million grievers due to romantic breakup.  Grief has a huge impact on our communities and there are consequences to not resolving it.

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Taking Time to Grieve

Today Greg talks with Amanda Speakes, a counselor with Grief Recovery Care about the grief process and the importance of grieving.  She notes that grief isn’t just about losing someone to death.  It can come from losing a job, loss of a marriage, or even loss of your faith.  Anything that that is a big change in your life can be considered grief. 

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