Don’t Let the Enemy Win

ill Rieser joins Greg this week to discuss Prayer and the Holy Spirit.  The enemy works hard to keep us to keep us from praying and going to the throne to experience the gifts that God has for us.

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Global Leadership Summit 2019

Global Leadership Summit is a faith-based event that broadcasts live out of Chicago to various satellite cities via churches.  It is described as “fresh, actionable and inspiring leadership content from a world-class faculty.” This year, the event occurs August 8-9, 2019.  Locally, the program will be broadcast at Lexington City Church.   Greg talks with Jay Carr about this year’s lineup of speakers and what to expect from the event.  To learn more about the Global Leadership Summit, visit

Take on the Attitude of Jesus

Our attitude reflects how we feel about Jesus.  Follow along in Philippians 2:5-11 as Greg talks about how we need to take on the attitude of Jesus.

Obedience Over Sacrifice

Greg continues to share five things you need to know before going to bed.  The next three are:

  1. Remember you cannot earn God’s love.
  2. The arms of Jesus are always a safe place to run to.
  3. Do not judge others.

Read Psalm 91:1-2

Five Things You Need to Know Before Bed

Greg shares five things you need to know before you go to bed.  The first two are:

  1. Do not believe in the Lies of Satan that you are not loved by God.
  2. Remember with God, ALL things are possible.

Read Genesis 3:1-9

How is Your Love Toward Others?

Greg’s has become a popular Wedding Officiant in Central Kentucky, doing more than 20 ceremonies in 2018 with even more on the books for 2019.  So, he knows the scriptures that pertain to love.  But, today, he talks about more than just romantic love, he talks about love for all.  It is something that is really needed in the world today.  So, listen to today’s program and Greg’s inspiring words taught to us through Jesus.

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What Do You Fear?

Is there something you fear?  The enemy loves to bring fear into our lives.  Greg shares the HOPE for overcoming fear through the 91st Psalm. 

Do You Need a Miracle?

Jesus performed many miracles during his three year ministry.  Greg reviews some of those miracles and the reasons behind them.